Friday, November 30, 2012

Pinterest Pin-test: String Cheese Curds

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Now onto the String Cheese Curds...

The original pin has now been removed by Pinterest, so there will be no link. The original picture is to the right. The directions under the picture are: Cut up string cheese, dip in skim milk, then Italian bread crumbs. Bake at 425 for 7-10 minutes.


String Cheese
Skim Milk
Italian Bread Crumbs
Cookie sheet

The Test:

I started by cutting up the string cheese into bite sized pieces and setting them aside. I then too two smaller bowls, added the milk to one and the bread crumbs to the other. 3-4 cheese chunks at a time, I dipped them into the milk, and then into the bread crumbs, then placed them on the cookie sheet. When I had them all coated and on the sheet, I placed them into a pre-heated 425 degree oven and set the timer for 6 minutes.

Cleaned up the mess I had made and 6 minutes later checked on them. At that point they were all melted together with bread crumb globs on the top. I forgot to snap a picture because I was laughing to hard. My daughter had a friend over that night, and she was even laughing.


We tried pulling apart the 1/4 inch thick cheese globs to eat them. They tasted tough and not at all cheese curd like. The edges were to crispy from spreading out on the cookie sheet.

Children gave it - Two thumbs down
Husband gave it - Two thumbs sideways (He will eat any kind of cheese)
I gave it - Two thumbs down

I am beginning to see why the pin had since been removed. We are from Minnesota, and my husband is still searching for the State Fair Cheese Curds that I can make at home for him. Guess I will try other recipes  because this one was a bust.

I will never use this Pin idea again.

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