Monday, November 26, 2012

Pinterest Pin-test: Bacon Egg Cups

The purpose of these pin-tests is to take things I find interesting on Pinterest and try them out in my house. From recipes to crafts, quilt patterns to crochet patterns, decorating to holiday ideas. You can follow along with my results here, and you can follow me on Pinterest at GrandmaAgnes567. I have also added a click to follow on the right hand side.

Now onto the Bacon Egg Cups...

Original Pin from here. The directions on her web site were perfect, so I followed along, but only made 6 cups and left out the cheese. Below is what I used, you can click the original post to read how they did theirs.


6 slices bacon
3 eggs
Splash of milk
salt & pepper to taste
Muffin Tin
Cooking Spray

The Test:

Started by heating up the oven to 350 degrees. Pulled out the 6 cup muffin tin, took 6 pieces of bacon and placed them standing up inside of the cups. I then remembered that I forgot to spray the inside, so I sprayed just the bottom of the cups before adding the egg mixture (That did work by the way). I then mixed three eggs, a splash of milk (maybe 1/4 cup) and the salt and pepper in a two cup measuring cup. Stirred it real well to get everything combined.

Then I poured the egg mixture into the cups, but only 3/4 full. The eggs will expand and you don't want them to run everywhere. Pop those bad boys into the oven and let them cook until the eggs are set. Remove from oven and eat immediately.


I feel that the bacon was not cooked enough, perhaps use pre-cooked bacon, or pop your into the microwave for a few minutes before putting them into the muffin cups. They pulled right out of the cups without much falling apart. The eggs were very flavorful with the bacon grease. They were not the most filling, but perhaps with pancakes or even toast and fruit, it would round out the breakfast meal.

On a personal note, we made these Thanksgiving morning at 8:00am while listening to KQRS and Alice's Restaurant cranked over the radio. Our family tradition is to listen to KQ and Alice's Restaurant every Thanksgiving morning, now I guess we have added trying new breakfast recipes into the mix too :)

Children gave it - Two thumbs up
Husband gave it - Two thumbs up
I gave it - One thumb up (I like my bacon crispy)

It is a very easy to make breakfast item. There are tons of bacon coupons in the newspaper if you are not picky about brand names and most people have eggs and milk already in their fridge. They would be easy for holiday mornings and would make the house smell like wonderful bacon.

I will use this Pin idea again.

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