Monday, October 8, 2012

Craft Ideas: Jingle Bells!

Christmas Jingle Bells…what to do with them all.

First of all, jingle bells aren’t just for Christmas anymore. I have sold hundreds of bells to upcoming brides-to-be for their receptions. You can string the bells onto thin ribbons and cover a shower curtain ring with the ribbon covered bells to make a bell shaker for kissing at your reception. Set them on the table where your guests will be eating and have a note card explaining that they need to “shake their bells” in order to get the Bride and Groom to kiss. The possibilities are endless with colors, lengths of ribbons and number of bells on each shaker.

Use the bells as part of a SWAP for your Girl Scout troops. Make friendship bells by tying bells to a simple ribbon with a bow; make a simple wreath using pipe cleaners, or bells on a ribbon attached to a safety pin. Some ideas are pictured to get the ball rolling on ideas.
You can sew bells onto almost anything to make them more fun too. Sew them onto the end of your Santa hat, your winter hat, your shoe laces, your flip flops, your dog’s collar, a sweatshirt for your Grandma. Anything fabric can be adorned with bells.

Accessories at Christmastime are always better with bells. Take a jewelry wire, attach a bell to the bottom, make a loop to close it and string bells on the open end. When you have filled it with the amount of bells you want, loop it closed and attach it to a standard earring hook. Or just add bells to a jump ring for a more clustered look. Instant Christmas earrings! Now make a matching necklace too.

Have a pre-school, daycare or Sunday school class that will be having a holiday pageant? String jingle bells onto ribbon or pipe cleaners attach them all together at the base and wrap with duct tape. You have an instant bell wand to shake along with the song jingle bells now. Don’t want it to be quite that noisy, or have a bunch of kids to make them for, string a single bell onto a pipe cleaner in the middle and just fold it over and twist. You will have a single bell shaker.

You can also obviously also make Christmas ornaments out of a bunch of jingle bells. You can do wreaths by stringing them onto wire in a circle shape, a snowflake by using strait shapes and looping the ends, or candy canes by alternating the colors and making a large hook shape. Or make them larger by using more bells and have them be a door knob hanger. Be sure to add ribbons to finish off the look.

Not the crafty-type? Do the plane and simple home decorating by just pouring them into a clear bowl and adding a candle. Pour some into wine glasses and set them on the table in a grouping. Pour them into mason jars add old ornaments on top and put them on a shelf in the kitchen, put them in a vase and add fake flowers or poinsettias stems (no water needed). Or because red wine should be served at room temperature, add bells to the glass wine caddy and snuggle a bottle of your favorite red wine into it. All of these options can also have a festive ribbon attached to the container to give it that designer touch.

So now I bet you are wondering where to purchase bulk jingle bells...well you are in luck. Head over to my Etsy Shop and you will see how inexpensively all of these projects can be done!

Possibilities are endless with jingle bells, for any time of the year. If you are making a special project with jingle bells, be sure to comment below and send a link to your page if you have shared directions and pictures of your projects. Happy Crafting.

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