Thursday, September 20, 2012

Grandma Agnes' Attic

Welcome to the first blog posting from Grandma Agnes’ Attic. This blog is a sister site to the Etsy store which is where I sell all of my handmade crafts and crafting supplies.
So will this blog just be an ongoing advertising for my Etsy site? No. I will introduce new ideas and projects on this site, but it will also follow along with my renovation of my new house and the craziness that is inside my head. My husband and I recently purchased a 1992 standard (boring) suburban house that was owned by a man who “thought” he was a wood worker. We are going through room by room and fixing what is wrong with it, updating the décor, making it as eco-friendly as possible and making it a home. You can also follow along with the crafting ideas that get stuck in my head and I need to try out. Plus you may have to put up with stories about my three kids and our overweight dog Fluffy. We are a crazy bunch, but we have tons of fun along our journeys.

History of the blog name:

The name has come from my maternal Grandmother, Agnes Smith. She is the only grandparent that I remember growing up, and she passed away when I was 12 years old. My paternal Grandfather passed away when I was just 2 years old, and my other grandparents were gone before I was even born. She is also the one who taught me how to sew.

I remember being at her house and her teaching me and my cousins how to sew Barbie clothes. She was a seamstress and taught sewing classes to the women in her area. Her old Singer sewing machine was a step ahead of the rest at the time, sewing with disks that did all the fancy stitches. I now have that machine in my craft room. My parents sent it away to “sewing machine camp” and got it all fixed and oiled back up and in working order for my 30th birthday. It was one of the most special presents I ever received, and remains an inspiration in my craft room every time I sit down to sew or craft.

The mood of my Etsy shop:

My main inspirations for the items in my shop are “Vintage Grandma” from the 40’s and 50’s. My Grandma lived in a large duplex in Northeast Minneapolis. When we were sleeping over or even just visiting with my cousins, we begged her to let us go up into her attic. She had one of those large attics that you could walk around in and store all sorts of treasures in. I want my shop to have the feeling of her attic (without the dust and cobwebs). I remember an old dress form that scared us thinking that is was a person, old trunks that held old clothes that were great for dress-up and old toys that were my mom’s and her siblings. You never quite knew what you would find up there, but they all had the same feelings of family and warmth. That is the feeling that I want to share with my readers of this blog and visitors to my shop.

Items in the shop:

I love holidays, home decorating, kids and weddings, so that tends to be the bulk of my shop most of the time. I am an avid crafter, so there are always supplies that others will need to be able to complete their crafts. There are always Christmas jingle bells, as I have “inherited” thousands of them and am passing the good prices down to everybody who could use them too. I like to have a mix of vintage items and handmade items. There is always something sewn and something made from wood. The inventory is always changing by the holidays and how much time I have to complete items that I would love to have myself.

The shops future?

My dreams are to make my Etsy shop a full-time job and to be able to create, blog and ship out all new crafty items across the world. Right now that is unrealistic to be able to support my family, so I work my full-time job in corporate America and craft at night around baseball, football and dance schedules… Thank you for checking out my new blog, and be sure to check out the items in the shop over at


  1. That's so neat about your grandmother's sewing machine. I'm very close to my paternal grandmother, who will turn 92 this fall. She was also a very accomplished seamstress. Thanks for sharing about the history of your blog name. What a great tribute to your grandmother!


    1. Thank you for the comment. Everybody in the family liked the name and then we all talk about memories. Give your Grandma a big hug!